Kids Zone Recipe – Chocolate & Raspberry Frozen Yoghurt Pops

Now be honest, how many times when the icecream van has come around have you pleaded poverty or used your Mum’s old phrase “When they sound the music like that it mean’s they’ve run out of icecream”!

Dessert-CollageKid’s appetite for Icecream never diminishes and as summer approaches how can you slow down their intake of one of the Top 5 most addictive foods and save on your food budget? Why not get them involved in making their own frozen desserts?


We’ve shared this great recipe for Chocolate & Raspberry frozen yoghurt pops on our Kidszone but there are hundreds of great healthy alternatives to icecream on the internet. And as luck would have it Tesco are selling 4-part ice lolly moulds for just £2.63 right now so no excuse!


Chc-Raspberry frozen dessert