New Hog Roaster for Chef Jason!

There are many things to balance when running an outdoor catering company like Appetite for Adventure – innovative menus, sourcing ingredients, customer service, logistics and of course the equipment.

Appetite for Adventure have recently invested in a new Hog Roaster which we’re absolutely thrilled with. After hiring several different models and chatting to a couple of local hog roast companies we were drawn to this model as it fits our approach to outdoor catering perfectly – flexibility!


One of the issues we face is the smaller events we have enquiries for are very keen to have a hog roast but due to the small numbers it becomes expensive and there would be a lot of meat left over after the event. So for this reason we chose a machine that would let us cook using a motor driven spit for the traditional hog roast or allow us to lay meats out flat on racks similar to a BBQ. This now allows us to roast small joints and birds to feed a group of 20 or roast a 65 kg pig that would feed up to 150 guests with perfectly roasted pork. The roaster with its racks allows us to offer a wider choice for your guests, for example we are able to cook 20 chickens at any one time.

We have used the hog roaster a couple of times now for some smaller events and the feedback has been great. The meat was cooked to perfection and it was super easy to set up enabling us to get all our guests served quickly with fresh food – I’m not sure which of us was more impressed, me or the guests!


As our business continues to grow and as our catering challenges grow with that we’re always investing back into the business to ensure we’ve got the best and most reliable equipment on the market. I’m now even more excited about all our hog roasts, grills and BBQs over this summer!

Jason Plevey
Head Chef